SAFECO. Constructions for fairs and fairgrounds.
(module of 10 x 7 mts. with 10 cars)
Metallic framework composed of base, roof, columns, bumper bars and plates on chassis.
Optional galvanizing of base and  roof.
Metallic grid with its accessories.
Cabin on trailer with track working controls.
30 cms. large aluminium corridor.
Fibreglass flaps.
Fibreglass decoration on three of the sides.
Four decorated covers at columns.
Canvases for roof and track closing.
Sign on the main side composed of up to 10 types.
Thirty fluorescent lighting sets at the ceiling.
38 mts. of lighting caps.
Building up by 4 persons in 5 hours.
Rectifier:  6.500 W., approximately  (enough for 14 cars).
Lighting:  10.000 W., approximately.
Weight:  4.000 Kgs., approximately.
Volume:  48 m³, approximately.
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